Nicaragua Top Travel Destination 2014


Since 2013, the media has been listing Nicaragua as the new go-to tourist destination. Again, in 2014, some of the top travel and business publications websites are again shouting out Nicaragua as one of the top travel destinations.

With a variety of landscapes made up of coastal shores, lakes, volcanoes, mountain, cloud forests and plenty of activities for the tourist, Nicaragua offers much to please all age groups and tastes.  From backpackers to mature travelers, surfers, sun-seekers, history buffs, nature lovers and lovers of Latin American culture,  find out why Nicaragua is again on the list of go-see travel destinations in 2014.

Still not sure where to book your vacation in 2014?  Read these guides and book your next vacation to Nicaragua in 2014.

1. Lonely Planet: Best value travel destinations for 2014

Lonely Planet suggests you keep traveling even when times are tight by choosing one of the 10 destinations in their best value travel list. Nicaragua is highlighted as a country that offers some of the cheapest living (and diving) expenses in the Caribbean.
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2. Business Insider: 14 Places You Should Plan To Visit In 2014

Looking for the hottest places to travel around the world in 2014, Business Insider presents the top 14 where you should plan your next dream trip. According to the article, “most visitors come to this eco-friendly destination for some sort of adventure, whether it’s surfing, hiking on a volcano, or diving with sea turtles”.
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3. The Huffington Post: The 5 Coolest Places to Go in 2014

If you are planning to go somewhere on the cutting edge, The Huffington Post invites you to visit one of their five coolest destinations with new growth, new tourism offerings, or special events. They highlight how Nicaragua attracts travelers for its lush rainforest, beautiful white-sand beaches, volcanoes, and rich wildlife, and they also warn you: “…if you like off-the-beaten path adventure travel – and discovering destinations before they fully ‘arrive’ – now is the time to go.”
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4. MONDO: Best adventure travel destination to visit in 2014

The Finnish travel magazine considered global tourism indicators to select Nicaragua as the best adventure travel destination to visit in 2014. The magazine describes Nicaragua as a country of great culture and nature, beautiful beaches, and majestic volcanoes, in which sustainable tourism plays an important role.
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5. Condé Nast Traveller: Top 10 destinations to watch in 2014

Featuring Nicaragua as Latin America’s most exiting emerging destination, Condé Nast Traveller agrees the government has been investing in services and infrastructure, and unveiling their beautiful country to the world. “Recently it has seen a few wonderful new eco-lodges that really are both eco and friendly – rustic places which have excellently deep beds and swimming pools on the edge of untouched wildernesses, whether on an empty beach or in the midst of virgin rainforest, surrounded by monkeys and spectacular rare birds.”
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6. Travel and Leisure: Best Places to Travel in 2014

Nicaragua is included in Travel and Leisure’s 25 places that will appeal to travelers seeking what’s new and notable in 2014, a list made to remind us that there are still discoveries to be made. They focus on Little Corn Island, where “the fresh lobster is cheap; the hammocks, plentiful; the pace, blissfully slow.”
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7. Yahoo! Travel: Places to go in 2014 — without breaking the bank

Where will you be able to get more for your money in 2014? Yahoo! Travel suggests 8 spots worldwide, among them Nicaragua. “This emerging Central American destination is a budget hotspot that offers visitors a natural high with 18 volcanoes, rain and cloud forests, and world-class surfing.” Best value is during the green season, from May through September, they recommend.
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