The Nicaragua Lifestyle Conference


Managua has played host to a number of conferences for expats and investors over the past several years.  Most recently, ECI Developments hosted a four day event called the Central American Advantage Investment Symposium (CAAIS) at the Hotel Seminole in January.  NicaTour Group is sponsoring this conference as it is a part of their retirement tour program.  Unlike other conferences for retirees and investors such as the many conferences run by International Living (which covers many different retirement destinations), this conference focuses on only Nicaragua.

Upcoming in Managua in May, the Nicaragua Lifestyle Conference will take place at the Hotel Contempo in Managua.  Whereas the CAAIS conference event was a conference for investors, the Lifestyle Conference in May is designed for expats and retirees.  It will target the interests and concerns of retirees, entrepreneurs, expats and future expats.  The Nicaragua Lifestyle Conference features expert presenters who are already living and working in Nicaragua.  Immigration, Residency,  legal issues, title insurance, healthcare, medical tourism and health insurance are just some of the topics which will be covered over the course of one day.

The following persons are just some of the experts in Nicaragua who will be in the lineup of presentations at the Nicaragua Lifestyle Conference.

“Mr. Mike Cobb, the CEO and Chairman of ECI Development. He has spoken at hundreds of these conferences abroad. He will present “The 15 Due Diligence Questions You Must Ask When Buying Property Overseas.” You need to hear what he has to say before you think about signing a contract for that new beach house. Outside of your home country, laws and customs are different. It’s a whole new world out there and he will tell you what you need to know before you buy.

If you are planning to retire in Nicaragua, live in Nicaragua, or do business there, you will want to hear Mr. Chale Espinosa‘s presentation about real estate investment. He has worked for Chase Manhattan Bank N.A. in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and New York, Citizens and Southern Bank (now owned by Bank of America) and Standard Chartered Bank Plc.

Mr. Sergio Corrales, attorney and partner of the law firm Garcia and Bodan in San Juan del Sur, will speak about navigating the Nicaraguan legal system. Each country has its own laws and Mr. Corrales presents the facts for Canadians and Americans future expats. Moving to a foreign country can often be quite a complicated process.

From Title Coordination Services (TCI), Ms. Maria Amanda Hurtado, will speak on using “… Your Head – Not Your Heart When Buying Your Overseas Retirement Home.” She will tell you the facts you need to know once you’ve found that lovely beachfront dream home or Colonial manse. You have to be logical about that exciting moment when you’ve found the home of your dreams.

Also featured in the lineup is Arlen Perez, who is the Medical Tourism manager at the Metropolitano Vivian Pellas Hospital located in Managua. She will explain healthcare and medical tourism in Nicaragua and will also discuss the two types of health insurance in Nicaragua. “

Who should attend?  First off, some of the attendees will be those people who are on the 12 day retirement tour which NicaTour Group runs.  Others who should attend are entrepreneurs who are considering relocation to Nicaragua, expats and those who are planning to immigrate and become future residents of Nicaragua. It’s also a great information session for retirees who want to retire and live in Nicaragua.  Real estate investing is also one of the topics covered, so if you’re house-hunting, its a good idea to attend.

The conference will take place at the Hotel Contempo in Managua, May 15th, and run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Entrance fee is $69 and includes lunch and coffee breaks.  There’s a cocktail hour after the conference which will be a good opportunity to network with business people/entrepreneurs and retirees.  Tickets can only be purchased in advance, online. To make reservations and purchase tickets, please click here.