The Selva Negra Resort



I had a hotel room that looks out on the lake at Selva Negra Resort.  It’s night.  Utter silence except for the calls of a few birds.  Perfect peace.  I feel for once, at one with the world around me.  A wind exhales every now and then.  It’s much cooler here in the mountains than in the rest of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is a hot country, there can be no denying of that.  Just a half hour away, down in the valley lies Matagalpa and in Matagalpa, the heat of Nicaragua returns again.  Drive back to the mountains, it’s unbelievably cool which is an interesting phenomenon.  I haven’t brought the right clothes with me.  The staff at the Selva Negra lent me a sweater to ward off the chill.

If you find you have lost the meaning of life, you must come here.  You will be, as they say, at one with nature, yourself, and what is elemental to be alive.  Your stress will flee, negative dark thoughts part quickly. There is nothing here for them to hold onto.  You will find renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.

The natural world of the Selva Negra Resort hotel, a sustainable tourism resort hotel,  has to be seen to be believed.  I’m a city girl at heart and find the natural surroundings magical.  The abundance of plants, vines, trees, flowers make me wonder if this was all planted by hundreds of gardeners.  I’ve never seen such a plethora of flora and fauna like this anywhere else in the world.  Calla lilies and orchids grow not far from my hotel room. I find giant green leaves at least four times bigger than my hand.  This lush garden is a literal garden of Eden.  No photographs can do this paradise any justice and that’s why you must come here.  Not even a talented filmmaker could convey what must be experienced by the self to be believed.

When I told people I was going to the Selva Negra Resort, everyone would ask, “who are you going with?”  It is assumed one goes to Selva Negra with someone.  I went alone and perhaps people thought that was odd because the Selva Negra Resort is a beautiful, lush overgrown garden, framed by jagged mountains, the cloud forest, endless gorgeous sunsets, the perfect for honeymoons, weddings and romance.

In the evenings, I would sit outside of my hotel room at the Selva Negra in a little wooden rocking chair listening to those few birds which refuse to call it night time.  The air was fresh and cool, there’s no one around, I am alone with nature, the lake, the birds, the mountains.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Before sunset, I walked down the steep main road, just to take a look around.  I was overwhelmed by the plant life.  So many varieties of tropical plants and flowers surround the road.  There’s an orchid garden.  Of course, there are coffee plants because it’s one of Nicaragua’s most well-known coffee farms. I walked a few steps up a path in an overgrown jungle of strange green foliage to watch the sun set over the bleak jagged mountains.  I was bewildered, overwhelmed by such surroundings, peaceful and utterly beautiful.  Little streams of water from the mountains which irrigate the coffee plants trickle and gurgle down the sloped gardens.  In the mornings, the cloud forest hangs heavil over the mountains nourishing all that grows within it.  How can the world be so utterly beautiful?


Lush tropical surroundings at the Selva Negra Resort

If you go to the Selva Negra Hotel, bring a few warm clothes to wear.  There is a dormitory for backpackers, hotel rooms and chalets to rent.  Don’t miss the coffee and organic farm tour.  You’ll become very picky about the coffee you drink in the future, no more low grade coffee for you again.  The restaurant serves great food grown organically and prepared here at the Selva Negra.  They make their own cheeses and German style cakes here.  Wines, beer, cakes, and the best café lattes for miles around are on the menu, and, bring your camera and a sweater or two.