The Corn Islands of Nicaragua

The Corn Islands of Nicaragua lie in the Caribbean sea to the west of the mainland. Both islands are definitely worth exploring. These two islands are totally different from the rest of Nicaragua. They’re a…

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The cost of living in Nicaragua

Everyone wishing to live or retire somewhere in Nicaragua wants to know what the cost of living in Nicaragua. The press has listed Nicaragua as one of the top retirement destinations for many reasons including…


Types of Housing in Nicaragua

If you are going to buy property in Nicaragua, it’s a good idea to understand the type of homes you may be interested in and its construction. Overall, the main types of housing in Nicaragua…


Telica volcano in Nicaragua erupts

Dramatic footage emerged from Nicaragua on Monday (11 May) after visitors to Nicaragua’s Telica volcano found themselves just metres from its massive crater as it spewed dark clouds of ash and gas high into the…


Where to live in Nicaragua

If you are thinking about where to live in Nicaragua for your retirement, it may seem overwhelming at first. There are many places where you can set up home and either buy or rent a…


Hotel Plaza Colon

Some of the best hotels in Granada are actually luxury boutique hotels. They are small beautiful hotels, renovated former Colonial mansions and houses. The Hotel Plaza Colon is one such hotel, located in the best…


Renting in Nicaragua

If you’re not sure how long you are going to stay, not 100% sure about the climate, the political situation of the country, it is probably best you consider renting in Nicaragua for your retirement….

Nicaragua-Canal-old map

The continuing Nicaragua Canal controversy

The Nicaragua Canal project continues to stir up strong emotions among Nicaraguans, human rights advocates and environmentalists. A long ago dream of the Americans to construct a canal through Nicaragua, they later chose Panama for…