Renting in Nicaragua

If you’re not sure how long you are going to stay, not 100% sure about the climate, the political situation of the country, it is probably best you consider renting in Nicaragua for your retirement….

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Nicaragua-Canal-old map

The continuing Nicaragua Canal controversy

The Nicaragua Canal project continues to stir up strong emotions among Nicaraguans, human rights advocates and environmentalists. A long ago dream of the Americans to construct a canal through Nicaragua, they later chose Panama for…


Hotel Dario in Granada

Highly recommended, the 4.5 star Hotel Dario in Granada has won various awards and recognition from the hotel industry. This very charming, small boutique hotel was once a colonial mansion which has been completely renovated…


The beaches near Managua

Our next destination would be the beaches that you might have heard of as “the beaches near Managua,” beaches that the residents of Managua visit on their summer holidays and weekends. The beaches near Managua,…


Medical tourism developments in Nicaragua

The following article from the Fronteras Desk website discusses the medical tourism industry in Nicaragua – which is hoped to fire up Nicaragua’s economy. Nicaragua, because of a civil war some 30 years ago and…


Does Nicaragua have medical tourism potential?

As Nicaragua develops its tourism industry, another field of tourism – medical tourism in Nicaragua is slowly opening up. Costa Rica is already a favored destination for Americans and Canadians seeking faster and cheaper medical…


Multilist System in Nicaragua (MLS)

The real estate market is experiencing a tremendous rebound after the last few years of lethargic activity. Large commercial construction is exploding in Managua, as well as huge infrastructure improvements like concrete highways and roads….


Buying Property in Nicaragua

If you decide to buy property in Nicaragua now, it’s a good time to buy. The political stability of Nicaragua has settled down and been this way for years, since 1990. They have a democratic…


A Cheap Tropical Retirement Reality Check

Dreaming of a cheap tropical retirement in Nicaragua or elsewhere? Here’s the reality check, good advice to heed before you make the move of living overseas and retiring abroad. Whenever you begin to plan to retire outside…


Tourism Booming in Nicaragua – 1st Five Months 2014

Tourism is booming in Nicaragua for the first five months of 2014 – finally, the word is finally getting out that Nicaragua is a viable tourist destination.  The number of foreign visitors coming to Nicaragua…